It’s the final sale of the season at Weetrade.

What does that mean?
 That means that this is the last chance to maximize our mommy dollar at Northeast Florida’s favorite consignment event, before we have to ::gasp:: pay retail. What are the 5 things we should shop Weetrade for first before hitting the malls?

1. COSTUMES. Maybe you have a little princess that has known what she wanted to be for Halloween since Easter, or you might have a little one who will trick or treat for the first time,- Weetrade has you covered. Many of the Halloween outfits for sale have been worn only once or twice, and are substantially below retail. With prices so low, you could even let your little angel (or devil) dress up as different things,- maybe a butterfly for her preschool party and a pumpkin for the door to door trick or treating. Also, this is a good time to stock up on dress up items! Just because Halloween is one day, doesn’t mean that your toddler doesn’t want to be a firefighter in February.

2. SEASONAL PJs & HOLIDAY PICTURE OUTFITS. I grouped these together because they are a.) both pieces of clothing that are usually worn for very short periods of time and b.) these tend to be over-priced at retail stores, because of their cuteness factor. Hear me now: there is no reason to pay top dollar for an adorable pajama set that will only be worn for a few evenings. Buy it this week at Weetrade, mark it off your long and ever-growing holiday shopping list and sell it at the Fall Weetrade sale in 2015.
Holiday picture outfits- how long do your little ones actually stay in those nice clothes? Maybe an hour to get the perfect shot? At Weetrade, you can afford to buy more than one piece and coordinate it with the family. New, smocked dresses and longalls retail for as much as $80, while the average price for a smocked dress at the fall sale averages about $25. Wear it, store it then sell it in 2015. It really is that easy!

3. STOCKING STUFFERS. From Hot Wheels to Little People, American Girl to My Little Pony,- the fall sale is the perfect place to stock up on the timeless toys your child loves. For instance, for what you would pay for two Thomas the Tank Engine trains at a the big box store, shoppers can find bags of trains (some of them very rare) at Weetrade for around the same price. Browsing the toy section at Weetrade (which happens to be one of the most organized you will see at a consignment event) makes it simple to compare prices without feeling overwhelmed. Stock up on DVDs and books as well, because the unique selection at Weetrade always has my kids leaving with a title we haven’t been able to find easily at our neighborhood library or Redbox!

4. JACKETS AND OUTERWEAR. It’s Florida, – it never gets cold enough to justify paying over $40 for a child’s coat. How often do they even wear big jackets? Maybe for a week or two in February. Going on a ski vacation or to visit family in colder climates? Check out the deals on ski suits and cold weather clothing! Weetrade’s fall sale is a goldmine of high-quality, gently used sweaters and coats. Just like the seasonal jammies and fancy holiday outfits- buy a nice jacket, wear it a few times then pack it way for the fall 2015 sale (and make your money back)! 

5. BIKES & THINGS THAT MOVE! Paying top dollar for your child’s first (or even third) bike is not necessary when you can find them for much less this week at Weetrade. On Christmas morning, your little one isn’t going to ask you if Santa bought his bike used. Only you (and Santa) will know how much cash you saved by buying it in October at Weetrade! Also, you will find ride on toys of all shapes, sizes and price points- so finding something for every age is possible this week.

I hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming sale! I’d love to know what awesome deals you scored!

Wishing you a season of discounts and deals,
Jessica, WT Blogger