How to Consign


Step 1: Register to Consign

YouTAG Earn 60% of your sales

WeeTAG earn up to 40% (Must Email)

$12 Consignor Fee

Step 2: Tag & Price Your Items

You Tag Deadline:
Fri Feb TBA 11:59p

WeeTAG Service: Must EMAIL to schedule by Jan 10

Step 3: Drop Off Items

Drop Off Dates: Feb TBA

Location TBA

Limited FREE large item storage year round

Step 4: Pick Up & Get Paid

Schedule to Pick Up Unsold Items & Commissions
Mon Feb TBA

Important Updates for 2024

Consignor UPDATES:

TAG DESCRIPTION: Brand Name MUST be included on your price tag

Consignors w/ 300+ items: MUST contact us by Feb TBA for special drop off appointments AND post sale sorting/pick up details

Items priced OVER $25: MUST pull to show us at drop off

BOOK TAGGING:  Selling groups of books?  Please place in ziploc bags w/tag placed on the outside of bag. Secure bags closed w/packing tape. Please DO NOT use ribbon, string or rubber bands. They come apart too easily.


Strict Limit on youth size 12 yrs+. Only 30 items per gender. Have more, email us

Secure Outfits: Prevent pieces from separating. Safety pin all outfit pieces together, then rubber band the hangers together. Pin so there are NO holes made in visible areas

No MIXED Clustered Clothing: Pair ONLY “coordinating” pieces & SAME SIZE ONLY.  Mixed brands are fine. Non Matching Sets will not be accepted. Sell ONE Outfit or multiple outfits that can all be intermixed. Matching tops w/bottoms or 2-3 similar style tops or similar bottoms accepted–ie, 2 polo shirts, 2 drifit shirts, 2 dresses or two tops w/match bottoms.

DO NOT MIX sizes -12M and 18M are NOT the same size. 6-12M and 12M are the same size.

Important SHOE TAGGING Tips-Shoes over $25 must be shown to checker at drop off. DO NOT HOLE PUNCH your tags. SAFETY PIN your tag to your shoes (thru laces, buckles, canvas, elastic). Do NOT use a tagging gun to secure tags or put ribbon/string thru the tag as they break off. Adding a piece of tape over the pin on the tag will add security too.


  • HANG all clothing INCLUDING sleep sacks/swaddles. NO “bagged” clothing accepted.
  • NO groups of onesies or single onesies-UNLESS boutique/better brands. Must include bottom(s) & NO single/grouped leggings must include top(s)
  • NO infant footed sleepers 0-18M UNLESS better brands like Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren, Gap. Limited holiday specific onesies/sleepers accepted. (Price infant sizes lower)

Step 1: Register To Consign

Earn 60% less a $12 consignor fee

Step 2: Tag, Prepare & Price Your Items

Tagging Deadline

Fri Feb TBA 11:59p

Click for Tagging & Prep guidelines

Click for  Tagging & Early Drop Options:

  • YouTAG Earn 60%
  • WeeTAG Earn up to 40% 
  • WeeSTORE Free large item storage. Earn 60%

Step 3: Drop Off Items

Drop Off Dates


  • Up to 300 items: ONE appt time
  • 300+ items: MUST email us for drop, sort & pick up appts
  • Need to schedule outside these dates email us.

Curbside Assistance

Need Special Assistance

Email for accommodations


Drop Off :

Before You Come
  • Hang all clothing items facing LEFT so hanger looks like question mark “?”
  • Pull price tags outside the item on all clothing or the cashiers will miss the tag
  • Bring clothing & shoes sized by gender
  • Bin/box/bag items by category -all books, all toys, all decor. all baby items together to assist in placement
  • Wipe items CLEAN, include batteries, secure small pieces well to items
  • MUST Reprint tags on any item you change price on. Do NOT handwrite price change OR add red star.  
  • Print & bring tags for larger/heavier items to be attached to claim tickets at drop off
  • Be sure tags are placed correctly! Check: Tagging Tips 
When You Arrive
  • Please allow approx 30 min to drop off
  • Park & come inside FIRST to check in w/hostess
  • Feel free to use our rolling racks & carts but NOT OUTSIDE in parking lots only on dry sidewalks
  • Place clothing on inspection racks sized by gender. Set other items on table.
  • Staple your large item price tags to our claim tickets then attach to your items
  • Assist with placing items on the floor after inspection
  • Please note: If you send your husband/friend be sure they’re prepared to put your items on the floor for you


Step 4: Pick Up Items & Get Paid

Pick Up Times

Mon Feb TBA

Morning: 9:30a-12:30p

CLOSED: 12:30-4p

Evening: 4-6p

Selling 300+ items-EMAIL for Pick Up Appt

Pick Up Reminders:

  • Schedule appointment (or come stand by DURING these hours ONLY)
  • Can’t make pick up? Send a friend
  • All unclaimed items remaining after 6p WILL BE donated to our chosen charities DESC
  • IMPORTANT: Books/DVDs, stuffed animals & small accessories are NOT sorted, you will need to collect those items from their bins at pick up or they will be DONATED
  • Checks are mailed within 2 weeks
  • $15 fee for replacement checks. Please cash right away, don’t delay!
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