Tag, Prep & Price

Tagging Deadline:

Friday Sept 6, 2024 11:59pm

Here’s How To Prepare Your Items…


CardStock Tags

Print tags on WHITE 65lb+ cardstock (DO NOT USE regular paper or color cardstock).
6 tags will print per page w/your printer

Tools Needed

Attach tags w/tagging guns or small safety pins (no large safety pins or straight pins)

Tag Placement

Secure tags via pins or tag gun on TOP CENTER back collar/waistband on actual clothing tag.  Do NOT tag way down inside clothing or on hemlines. Do not leave holes in fabric. Think seams! Pull price tags outside of clothing

Tagless Item Placement

If tag less, please tag on the RIGHT sleeve’s inner side seam as you look at the item thru the inside extra seam fabric. Bottoms pin on belt loop or use safety pin/tag gun on seam of waist band. Always pull price tags outside of clothing.



Pull price tags out so VISIBLE-don’t tuck in! Don’t tag way down inside the clothing. Cashiers can’t hunt for tags. Avoid pinning or tagging w/ a tagging gun thru front of clothing! ONLY tag on a seam, tag or inside extra fabric. Where you tag WILL leave a hole making it unsellable.

Price items 60-70% OFF original retail price

How to Price Right

  • #1 TIP:  What would you be willing to pay for the item?
  • Price competitively, as mall brands compete w/boutique brands.
  • Our buyers are willing to pay more for quality items, but price fair. Shoppers are turned off by overpricing.
  • Generally prices run 60-70% OFF original retail price. With the higher volume of infant sizes 0-24 months & the many gifts received in this size, we recommend pricing infant sizes lower. If item is new, feel free to price higher & note “new” on tag. Selling prices vary depending on the condition, demand & brand.
  • We’re happy to assist in pricing. Email us to preview pricing prior to printing tags.


Should You Discount?

Items sell quicker if priced right PRIOR to the 1/2 price sale. Don’t price higher considering what it would sell for at 50% off. Far more shoppers visit the first 3 days vs the last day. If you’re not comfortable with what it would sell for at 1/2 off, forego the option & price your items a little lower to start. All items (discount or not) remain on the sales floor for 1/2 Price Sale. Simply consider if you want to bring it home & store or reap the full benefits of cleaning up & cashing out!

Consider Donating

Help local families in need & select to donate some/all of your unsold items. All donated items benefit our chosen charities DESC and Baby Luv

Tagging Clothing & Shoes

  • Hang ALL clothing
  • Hang clothing with hanger facing LEFT like a question mark “?”
    • Appropriate sized children’s hangers are BEST for presentation. Do NOT use too small = slips to the floor. Too large = stretched clothing
    • NO ADULT SIZE HANGERS for clothing UNDER size 8
    • Some stores will give hangers if you ask. Dollar Store/WalMart/Target sell cheap
    • We offer 25 free shirt hangers
  • HOW TO HANG Pants/Skorts/Skirts/Shorts
    • DO NOT hang pants or skirts folded OVER hangers. They won’t sell if they can’t be seen
    • Hang flat & open on clip pant hangers or safety pin open on top part of triangle hangers (NO clothes pins) see visual pics below
    • We offer pant hangers for .25
  • HOW TO HANG outfits/multiple pieces/accessories
    • IMPORTANT! Safety pin pieces to each other. Rubber band hangers of multi pieces together
    • Place accessories in Ziploc bags, safety pin to outfit
  • Item Prepping
    • Launder & press clothing. They sell for more when presented at their best
    • Close buttons/snaps/zippers & tie  dress sashes
    • Launder stored clothing to freshen up. Hard to notice storage spots are easily seen in our bright lights
  • Shoes
    • Secure together with buckles/laces, string/zip ties/ribbon etc. NO bags (unless robeez, pedipeds or brand new), NO BOXES allowed. Polish minor scuffs, Mr. Eraser works magic. WIPE DOWN to freshen. LAUNDER tennis shoes & cleats.  Attach tags with safety pins. DO NOT hole punch your tags. This weakens the tag allowing it to tear off easily. 

Tagging Toys & Equipment

  • Clean Baby Equipment & Large Toys
    • The cleaner they are, the newer they look! Clorox wipes & Mr. Eraser work magic
    • Vacuum or launder cloth pieces
    • Bring your larger item tags w/you to drop off to be attached to our security tags. If the item is not able to be carried, it will need a large item tag provided at drop off
  • Must secure all pieces. Please note missing pieces on tag
  • Print photos of hard to see toys. Include instructions. Comparative new pricing sheets help items to sell
  • Battery operated Items MUST have working batteries ($1 store fine).
  • Collections of toys like Super Heroes, Trains, Barbies, American Girl/Doll Clothing etc need to be packaged in Ziploc bags & secured w/tape. You don’t want little hands to toss about. Pictures of the items and/or index cards listing what’s inside are helpful too.

Need some Tagging Visuals?  Check these out!