Here are a few tips on how to shop the sale (presale is tomorrow)! Whether you are a veteran like yours truly or if this is your very first consignment sale, these tips below are sure to make your experience a fun (and profitable) one!

RESEARCH ITEMS OF INTEREST! Are you in the market for a high chair, stroller, bouncy seat or any other sort of baby equipment? Do a bit of research before the sale. Check out, Babiesrus, Target, etc and get an idea of what the items are selling for in brand new condition, so when you are at the sale, you can compare pricing.

KNOW YOUR KID’S MEASUREMENTS! Have them stand on a piece of paper, trace their foot and cut it out and take it with you so you can match up shoes. Measure their inseam, height, etc and bring a tape measure (I’ll admit, I always want to do this, but somehow I seem to always forget).

BRING A BIG BAG. IKEA bags work great, and so do clothes baskets with belts on them that you can pull. You will be surprised how quickly you will fill them up.

THINK HOLIDAYS, BIRTHDAYS, FAMILY PICS. Easter is April 20th! This is the perfect time to grab a boutique-quality outfit,  almost brand new for around $15-$20. It’s even a good idea to shop a few seasons ahead. I have a size 7 Lilly Pulitzer dress hanging in my four year-old’s closet because fellow blogger Megan convinced me that it would only gain value. I have purchased pieces because they have been such a good deal, and resold them for profit after they had been worn just once. I guess you can say I’m an children’s clothing up-cycler :)

MAKE IT A GIRL’S NIGHT!  Leave the kids home. It is much easier to shop the sale without them, and we all need a break from our angels. The Presale Event on Wednesday night is not open to children, but the public sales on Thursday through Saturday are. Saturday is also half price day, and well worth a trip back to the sale!

WeeTrade allows shoppers to volunteer to gain access to the most coveted shopping times, which are while the doors are closed to everyone else. They also have wonderful promotions for the military, first responders, and first time mommies. Check out their their Volunteer page HERE for all the details on sale times and policies.

SHOP LOCAL, BUY LOCAL! Many local vendors are at the sale as well, selling everything from organic soaps, photography packages, purses and some of the most creative hair bows you’ve ever seen! They also have a fantastic selection of  new Melissa & Doug merchandise.

Have any questions or just want to say “hi”? You can reach me at [email protected]!