The magic that was Christmas morning can slowly turn into a financial hangover when those January bills start rolling in. And if you have little ones, they probably received more than enough presents from Santa, Mom & Dad, Aunt Margaret and many other well-wishers. The space is dwindling in your house while the cash in your pocket is hard to find. Before you grab those big trash bags, STOP! There is a way to regain space in your playroom AND put some money back,- all before Valentine’s Day!
The first Weetrade sale of 2015 is less than 2 months away, and from the looks of it, we ALL have plenty of things to consign! Below are some great tips leading up to the next sale event.

-Start right after Christmas! We have plenty of time until the spring sale but if we start early, we won’t need to tackle sorting, pricing and cleaning all in one day. After Christmas, start small by grouping like items together. Perhaps you have an overabundance of trains- just start sorting them into trains that your kids play with and trains they no longer do. Sets of trains sell very well, so the more pieces there are, the better chance you have at making the most money. Same goes for sets of DVDs, monster trucks, Barbie dolls, Little People, etc.

-Think Easter, Valentine’s Day and beach weather! This is the spring sale, which means that Weetrade is taking clothes for warm weather (in good condition, of course)! Dig out those adorable Easter dresses and seersucker shirts out of storage and give them a quick wash & dry. Do you have an infant pool float in excellent condition, or a backyard slide perfect for the upcoming sunny days? Sell it!

-Weetrade will store your big stuff….NOW! Did your kids get a new bike, trike or power wheel for the holidays? Is their old one in great shape, but you just don’t have the space to store both? Maybe the stroller you have just isn’t big enough but still has lots of life still in it. Contact the ladies of Weetrade and they will store it for you! You just tag it with the price you want for it, and Weetrade will make sure it gets to the next sale. How easy is that?!

Need some help? Got a question? I’m here for you! Just shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will be glad to help!

See you in February!