Are you a super-busy mom with a jam-packed schedule? Do you have a hard time carving out time in your day to take shower, let alone help at Weetrade?! You may be surprised at all of the unique ways Weetrade allows you to earn presale shopping. Chances are, we have something to fit each and every shopper!

I work a full time, 9-5 job and don’t have time during the week for anything! We need helpers at night AND on the weekends. In fact, one of the most needed helper shifts is on Sunday, when we sort the items that didn’t sell for pick up the next day. These helpers earn extra special pre-shopping benefits.

Ugh- I want to help but I have an infant that is breastfeeding! No problem! Most helper shifts allow you to wear your baby, and with hour-by-hour shifts, there is sure to be a time that would suit you and your baby. (Contact Jennifer and Pam to discuss which shifts would work best.)

I have church on Wednesdays so I always miss the presale away. Have you heard about the NEW TUESDAY PRESHOP?! Help for select 3 hour shifts and shop on Tuesday 5-8pm! These shoppers will have the absolute BEST selection of all the goodies at the sale. And, helping doesn’t necessarily mean that you just get to shop early on Tuesday or Wednesday- but some shifts earn you an early shopping pass for the Half Price sale on Saturday morning! SCORE!

I am super busy, can my husband/dad help instead? Absolutely! We have plenty of jobs that are perfect for strong guys! Email Jennifer and Pam and they will let you know the dates and times!

My child goes to preschool & I belong to a moms group. How can I help? We are always looking for Weetrade ambassadors to share information with other parents! You can pass out flyers and send emails to large groups to earn presale passes. How easy is that?!

I own a small business. How can I earn presale passes? We love to barter! Do you own a print service or a moving company? We would love to do business with you. We would love to hear your ideas about how we can work together.

Can my friend and I help together? YES! Helping is a great way to not only meet other moms but also a way to do something together with your current friends! Of course, you may not be preforming the same helper duties as your friend(s), but there is no reason why you can’t make it a “Moms morning out”,- complete with helping and lunch after! And the best part, you have earned the ability to attend the presale!

Contact Jennifer or Pam for more information about helping at Weetrade!

I had a fantastic time volunteering. I have 2 small kids and a full time job, and I still found a few hours that worked for my schedule! And I must admit, shopping the presale is the BEST!