How to Consign


Step 1: Register to Consign

Earn 66% less a $10 consignor fee

Step 3: Drop Off Items

Schedule appts Sept 13-15. (Free Storage & Early Drop Off for large items available year round) 

Step 4: Get Paid

Schedule Pick up appointment for commissions & unsold items Sept 23rd

What’s New for Fall 2019

Acceptance CHANGES

IMPORTANT–No MIXED Clustered Clothing: Pair ONLY coordinating outfits/pieces. ONE Outfit, not multiple outfits (unless they can all be intermixed). Matching tops w/bottoms or 2-3 similar style tops or similar bottoms accepted–ie, 2 polo shirts, 2 dry fit shirts, 2 plaid shorts, 2 infant rompers. We will not longer accept mismatched pairings. 

NO Junior/Adult Sizes: Up to size 16/18  Accepted Size 12 years+: Limit 30 items per consignor/per gender for youth sizes 12+  (have more, please contact us) SOCKS: NEW Only Hair Accessories: NEW ONLY Baby Bath TUBS: Must be manufactured after 10/17 w/warning stickers attached.

Post Sale Sorting CHANGES:

In an effort to increase post sale sorting, we will no longer sort the following categories back to your bins: small accessories (including: socks/tights, hair pieces, belts, scarfs, hats etc), stuffed animals, DVD’s & books. These items will be donated rather than put back with your unsold items. Please mark them “Discount” so you can earn your highest commissions on these items. If you wish to gather these items yourself, they will be kept in their bins on the sales floor for you to gather if you wish..

Infant Clothing Acceptances

Please HANG all swaddles/sleep sacks. Bagged swaddles/sacks/clothing not accepted. NO single/grouped onesies without pants or single/grouped leggings without tops UNLESS boutique brand. NO infant footed sleepers UNLESS better brands like Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren, Gap. Limited holiday specific onesies/sleepers accepted. (Price infant sizes lower as they don’t sell thru as quickly.)

Step 2: Accepted Items

Brands We Love

WeeTRADE is a name brand children’s event & here is just a sample of the brands our shoppers love. If you have any questions on brands accepted simply email us

Abercrombie, Aeropastle, Anavini, Angel, Aster Baby Lulu, BabyNay, Bailey Boys, Bear Feet, Beauxs et Belles, Carriage Boutiques, Carters, Castles & Crowns, Cat & Jack, Charlie & Claire, Children’s Place, Crazy 8, Crewcuts, Dillard’s/Belk, ELand, Feltman Brothers, Florence Eiseman, Footmates, Funtasia, Too!, Gap, Gymboree, Hartstrings/Kitestrings, Hollister, jack Rogers,  Janie & Jack, Justice, Just Ducky, Kate Mack, Kate & Libby, Keds, Kelly’s Kids, Kid Express, Kissy KissyL’amour, Livi & Luca, Lilly Pulitzer, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, MudPie, Mulberribush, Mustard Pie, Nike, Old Navy, Orient Expressed, Papo d’anjo, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Persnicky, Potato Saks, Pottery Barn Kids, Ragsland, Rosalina/Sweet Angela, Roxy, Saltwaters, Secret Wishes, Southern Tide, Stride Rite, Sweet/New Potatoes/Two Turtle Doves, Spudz, Tommy Hilifiger, Tom’s, Under Armour, Velani, Vineyard Vines, Vive la Fete/Silly Goose, Willets, Zutano, Zyno, Zackali & many other popular names we all love!

TARGET or Walmart shoes accepted IF NEW or VERY NEW looking ONLY

What We Will Accept

  • Fall Event (Sept Sale): Fall/Winter/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/Valentine’s/Year round Clothing & Shoes
    • Shorts/short sleeve shirts/minimal sandals accepted. Halloween Costumes, Winter Coats fall event only
  • Spring Event (Feb Sale): Spring/Summer/Valentine’s/Easter/Patriotic/Year round Clothing & Shoes
    • Lighter cardigan/vest sweaters, light jackets, long sleeve button downs & ski apparel will be accepted
  • All boutique, better department store & designer favorites (check “brands we love”)
  • Mall Brands (Janie & Jack/Gymbo/Gap/Nike/Under Armour etc)-current styles & excellent condition
    • We PREFER these brands sold as outfits/sets vs individual pieces, but separates WILL BE accepted. If worn together, sell together for better commissions. Price competitively, as they compete w/boutique brands. Our shoppers want good deals on high quality items
  • CLEAN, gently worn clothing (no piling, spots, fading, excessive wear & odor free) sizes Newborn-16
    •  If item has a “tiny/small” spot that makes it “less than perfect” please note on tag
    • “Small” hard to find imperfections on higher end items ONLY may be accepted, but NOT on general brand items. We do not purposely sell “play clothes”
  • Dance/Gymnastics/Sportswear & gear-shoes, (CLEAN cleats), leotards, accessories, equipment
  • Character Clothing accepted on VERY LIMITED BASIS! Custom made/boutique brand character styles, Princess/Disney, superhero/marvel, currently popular characters
  • “Dress Up” clothing accepted year round. Halloween themes at fall event only
  • Gently Loved Shoes up to adult size 8 ONLY. Athletic Shoes MUST be LIKE NEW. NO Spiked heels.
  • Baby Equipment (High Chairs/Strollers/Exersaucers/Bouncer Seats/Swings etc)
    • Include working batteries
    • MUST be wiped/vacuumed clean-launder when possible
  • Strollers in very good condition, no major wear & please clean them up (vacuum seats/baskets). No carseats w/strollers
  • Children’s Furniture (beds/dressers/cradles/bassinets/changing tables/toddler beds etc-NO dropside CRIBS)
  • LARGE ITEM TOYS & OUTDOOR Items are popular! Play Houses, Sandboxes, swing/climbing sets, kitchens, tool benches, train tables & accessories, rocking horses, tables & chairs, ride on toys, tricycles/bicycles, doll houses, doll cribs/strollers/play accessories, castles, tents
  • “Collections” of toys (bagged & sealed w/packing tape)
    • Bags of Barbies/Disney/Superheros/matchbox/trains sell well
    • NO grab bags of small random toys
    • NO used chewable infant toys
  • American Girl/Bitty Baby/Corelle/Specialty Dolls, Clothing & Accessories
  • Stuffed animals: Limit 5. MUST be character/better brands/buildabear/popular brands only.
  • Battery Operated Toys (Must have working batteries)
  • DVD’s (in hard cases-NO VHS), Puzzles, Games
  • Books sell best in sets of 3+ (no “free” books), put similar titles/authors together. Package w/ribbon/rubberbands (both & side to side) or in ziploc bags (see tagging visual pics below)
  • Room decor-lamps, wall decor, frames, bins, bedding (Pottery Barn or good copies only)
  • Backpacks, lunch boxes, children’s purses (must be clean/odor free!)
    • Due to increased size of the sale, we reserve the right to hold back stained, faded & outdated items. Please do not be offended if we do not accept an item. It may be due to space or quantity of an item/style already received.
    • Items accepted on space availability. The earlier you drop the better chance we can accept your items due to limited space

What We Won’t Accept

  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to space limitations we will have to keep tight on our rules of item acceptance -Please do not be offended
  • FALL September EVENT: NO seersucker, sundresses, bathing suits, tank tops–true summer clothing is for the Spring Sale
  • SPRING February EVENT: NO corduroy, turtlenecks, long sleeve tees; button downs are fine. Halloween costumes, Christmas/Fall themed clothing is for the Fall Sale
  • NEW: NO “hanging clothing” items priced under $4 (accessories/toys/books etc $3 are fine)-Pair items similar styles/matching pieces together to reach this price point–NO Mismatching of odd pieces, must be matching outfit/set or be similar style if both tops or both bottoms
  • NEW: NO USED Socks or Hair Accessories (bows/headbands)
  • NEW: NO JUNIOR/ADULT size clothing-nothing above size 18 
  • NOTE Decor limits:
  • Pottery Barn bedding/sheets only (or very good look alike/knock offs) No bed skirts/shams unless part of bedding sets
  • NO Crib/Toddler Bedding 
  • NO used Bath rugs/mats, bath sets, shower curtains (new child themed accepted)
  • No window panels/curtains UNLESS black out panels or solid colors-no patterns
  • Frames must be Children/teen specific themes
  • NO BIRTHDAY Party Decor/Supplies (new or used) 
  • NO bagged clothing, must hang including swaddles. People want to see what they are buying.
  • NO individual/single infant onesies (even if grouped-resale value is minimal) or single leggings w/o tops (size NB-18M) UNLESS boutique brand
  • NO Single or grouped footed sleepers sized under 18 months – except boutique brands like Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren, Gap styles etc. Carters, Little Me, Gerber, dept store brands do not resell well.
  • No shoes larger than adult 8
  • NO travel/location/event/date specific clothing
  • NO 3 letter monograms. Single letters and full names accepted only.
  • NO USED diaper bags, potty seats, diaper pails, bottles w/nipples (bottles w/out nipples accepted), eating utensils. Think sanitary!
  • No Carseats (if you have a stroller/carseat system, please email us for details)
  • No drop sides cribs or cribs manufactured before 2008
  • NO Walmart/Kmart/Target or discount dept store including Babiesrus, JCPenney, Sears, Kohl’s, Beall’s Brands clothing unless new with tags.
    • This includes Cradle Togs, Gerber, Koala Baby, KRU, Wonder Kids, Arizona, Jumping Beans, Faded Glory, Garanimals, George, Cherokee, Sunshine Baby, TKS,
  • No out of style clothing/shoes-certain colors look dated, fabrics fade, elastic wears out
  • No Maternity Clothing
  • No Recalled Items (Click here to see the lastest in recalled items. By signing our consignors agreement you are stating that you have checked your items for recalls and take full responsibility for the items you sell.


Email if you have any questions!

Step 3: Tag & Price Your Items

Tagging Deadline:

Sat, Sept 14th at 11:59pm

Drop & Tag – No time to tag? Email Us and find out how we can do it for you!

  • Items hung earn 35% commission
  • Items NOT hung earn 20% commission (less hanger charge: 10/$1-shirts, 5/$1-pants)
  • $10 Consignor Fee – Minimum of 20 items to participate

How to Tag Your Items


CardStock Tags

Print tags on WHITE ONLY 65lb or heavier cardstock
DO NOT USE regular paper. Flimsy paper tags easily fall off & are lost. We can’t sell your item if it doesn’t have a tag!
6 tags will print per page on your home computer

Tag Placement

Tags should be pinned on the top center interior clothing TAG (or collar/waistband for tagless items). Bottoms can be tagged on belt loops too. Do NOT tag on the clothing’s inside tags down on the side. Tags cannot be found there.

Small Safety Pins

Small Safety pins ONLY! Do NOT use large safety pins – they leave holes in garments.

Tagging Gun Available

Our tagging guns will be available for use at drop off. Please note: this will add to your drop off time so you will need to arrive 30-45 minutes BEFORE your appointment.

How To Prepare Clothing/Shoes

  1. HANGERS to USE-All Clothing MUST be brought Hung to Drop Off

    • NO ADULT SIZE WIRE HANGERS PLEASE -(Unless clothing sized 8+)
    • Small children’s hangers are BEST for presentation! Some stores will give these to you OR Dollar Store/Wal-Mart/Target sell them 8-10 for $1
    • We have a limited supply of shirt hangers 10 for $1.
  2. Hang clothing with hanger facing LEFT like a question mark “?”
  3. HOW TO HANG Pants/Skorts/Skirts/Shorts
    • DO NOT hang pants or skirts folded OVER hangers. They won’t sell if they can’t be seen
    • Hang open on clip pant hangers or safety pinned open on top part of hangers (NO clothes pins)
    • We offer a limited supply of pant hangers for .25
  4. HOW TO HANG outfits/multiple pieces/accessories
    • Rubberband hangers of multi piece sets together & safety pin items together
    • Attach w/safety pins the matching accessories inside ziploc bags
  5. Item Prepping
    • Items should be pressed, they will sell for more when presented at their best
    • Freshly laundered, all buttons/snaps/zippers closed & dress sashes tied help them sell
    • Launder stored clothing to freshen up. Hard to notice storage spots are easily seen in our bright lights.
    • Try our Magic Potion (green box below) for stain removal ideas
  6. Shoes
    • Shoes MUST be tied together with string/laces/zip ties/ribbon etc. NO bags (unless robeez or pedipeds), NO boxes please! Polish minor scuffs.

How To Prepare/Package Toys & Equipment

  • Clean all Baby Equipment & Large Toys
    • The cleaner they are, the newer they look! Clorox Wipes work great
    • Bring your larger item tags w/you to drop off to be attached to our security tags. If the item is not able to be carried, it will need a large item tag provided at drop off
  • Print photos of hard to see toys. Include instructions. Comparative new pricing sheets help items to sell too.
  • Battery Operated Items MUST have working batteries-($1 store fine)
  • Collections of toys like SuperHeroes, Trains, Barbie Dolls, American Girl/Doll Clothing etc need to be packaged in Ziploc Bags secured w/tape. You don’t want little hands to toss about. Pictures of the items and/or index cards listing what’s  inside are helpful too

The Magic Potion – Ultimate Stain Removal

– 1/2 Cup clorox color safe bleach crystals
– 1/2 Cup Cascade Dishwashing Crystals

Mix together to dissolve in HOT water. Throw in your items & let them soak overnight (24 hours works best). Rinse Well then Toss in washer and wash as normal

If you still see spots or you don’t wish to try this process first. Wash clothing like normal & lay out on green grass on a sunny day. You’ll be amazed what sun will bleach out naturally!

Need some Tagging Visuals?  Check these out!

How to Price Your Items

WeeTRADE consignors are in Total Control of their pricing!

  • As a general rule price items at 1/4 to 1/3 of their original retail price

A great question to ask yourself is, “What would I pay for this item?”


  • Selling prices vary depending on the condition, demand & brand. Generally prices run 60-70% OFF the original retail price; however, due to higher volume of infant sizes 0-24 months, we recommend pricing these sizes lower to be competitive. If item is new with or without tags feel free to price higher & note “new” on the tag.
  • We’re happy to assist in pricing. Simply email us prior to printing your tags & we can look over your pricing online. We suggest you consider what you’d pay for the item yourself remembering it is gently loved. This is NOT a garage sale & our buyers are willing to pay more for quality items. Just keep in mind fair pricing. If you over price your items, it reflects on WeeTRADE & shoppers will be turned off it they find too many over priced items & you will have put in the effort with less of a return. We have a helpful pricing guideline available upon request.



Items will sell quickly if priced right PRIOR to the 1/2 price sale. Don’t price considering what it would sell for at 1/2 Price as we have far more traffic the first 3 days vs the last day. If you’re not comfortable with what it would sell for at 1/2 Price forego the option & price your items at what you’d like to receive for them.

You do NOT have to allow your item to go 1/2 price, it will still be on the sales floor. Simply consider if you want to bring the items home & store or reap the full benefits of cleaning up & cashing out!

Step 4: Drop Off Your Items

Drop Off Schedule:

Sept 13-15, 2019

Sign up early for your appointment for best availability

  • under 75 items   ONE appt time
  • 75-150 items      TWO appt times
  • 150-200 items     THREE appt times
  • 200+ items     email for special appt

Please allow 20-30 minutes to drop off & check in your items. Check for tips below to make drop off efficient!

Please note: If you send your husband/friend be sure they’re prepared to put your items on the floor for you. You may also take advantage of our Valet Drop Off service (see below) to save time.

We can be flexible! Email us if you need to schedule an appt outside these dates or you don’t see an available time during drop off days.

In a Hurry?
Try our Drop & Tag Service or see below for our VALET Drop Off service (no appointment necessary).

Steps for Quicker Drop-Off

  • See our check in hostess as you come in the door
  • Feel free to use our rolling racks and carts as available
  • Be sure all items are hung facing LEFT so hanger looks like question mark “?”
  • Bring clothing & shoes sized by gender
  • Bin/box/bag items by category -all books, all toys, all room decor. all baby accessories together to assist in placement
  • If you carried over any items from a prior sale, be sure tags are reprinted only if pricing changed
  • Make sure all items are wiped clean, batteries working, small pieces secured to items
  • Large items will have their tags attached to security tags at drop off. Ask for tags
  • Be sure Tags are Placed Correctly!
    • If using safety pins (no straight pins): secure tags on back collar of shirts/dresses/jackets on actual clothing tag (not the lower inside tag on side seam!)
    • If tagless item, please go to the RIGHT sleeve’s side seam as you look at the item. The extra flap seam is best
    • On pants/skirts/shorts tag on the belt loop or place safety pin on the seam of the waist band
    • If you pin on the inside tag, pull the tag outside of the item or the cashiers will miss the tag
    • Do NOT pin/tag on hemlines or directly through fabric of the clothing as it will leave a hole
    • If using tagging gun: Tag thru the item’s tag (if tagless- right sleeve side seam is best or thru the inside extra seam fabric) Our tagging guns will be available at drop offs, but we suggest you arrive 30-45 minutes prior to appt time
    • If you wish to pin or tag thru the tag of the item in the center that is fine, just be sure to pull the tag so it’s visible on the outside of the clothing. Please avoid tagging w/ a tagging gun thru the front of clothing! ONLY tag on a seam, tag or inside extra fabric. Where you tag the items WILL leave a hole making it unsellable.
FL kids children consignment

Valet Drops Option

Want to leave the little ones in the car? In a hurry? Try our Valet Service to drop your registered items. No appointment necessary-call when you arrive 704.8953 or 613.8851

  • All Tags MUST be attached & items dropped in a bin/box labeled w/your consignor #
  • Cash/Check Fee due AT DROP OFF
  • 5-25 items $5 fee
  • 26-50 items $8 fee
  • 50-100 items $10 fee 
  • 100+ items cannot use Valet Option 
  • We will take your items, process & place them up on the racks

Pickup Schedule

Monday, Sept 23, 2019

Morning: 9:30-11:30 am
Evening: 5-7 pm

Pickup Reminders:

  • Schedule appointment (or come stand by during these hours-not before or after). Unsold items & your commissions await!
  • Can’t make pick up? Send a friend or contact us prior to pick up day. 
  • All unclaimed items remaining after 7pm Sept 23rd & all items marked DONATE– WILL BE donated to our charity-DESC Charities
  • Checks are mailed within 2 weeks of close of sale-be sure your address is correct!
FL kids children consignment sale