How to Consign


Step 1: Register to Consign

Earn 60% of your sales

$12 Consignor Fee

Step 2: Tag & Price Your Items

You Tag Deadline:
Fri Feb 3 11:59p

WeeTAG Service/Email to schedule early

Step 3: Drop Off Items

Drop Off Dates:
Feb 2-4

12200 San Jose Blvd

Limited FREE large item storage year round

Step 4: Pick Up & Get Paid

Schedule to Pick Up Unsold Items & Commissions
Mon Feb 13

Important Updates for 2023

Consignor UPDATES:

Drop Appointment Changes: up to 300 items (set 1 appt), 300+ appts ( MUST Contact us)

Consignors w/ 300+ items: MUST contact us by Jan 28 for special drop off appointments AND post sale sorting/pick up details

Items priced OVER $25: Please pull to show us at drop off

NEW!! BOOK RULES: ALL books (unless selling a single book) need to be placed in ziploc bags w/tag placed on the outside of bag. Secure bags closed with packing tape. Please DO NOT use ribbon, string or rubber bands. They come apart too easily.

Secure Outfits: Please safety pin all pieces of an outfit together, then rubber band the hangers together to ensure your pieces do not separate. Pin so there are NO holes made in visible areas

Important SHOE TAGGING Requirements-Shoes over $25 must be shown to checker at drop off. SAFETY PIN your tag to your shoes (thru laces, buckles, canvas, elastic). Do NOT use a tagging gun to secure tags or put ribbon/string thru the tag as they break off. Adding a piece of tape over the pin on the tag will add security too. Please include brand name on tag description.

No MIXED Clustered Clothing: Pair ONLY “coordinating” outfits/pieces.-no non-matching sets of the SAME SIZE ONLY. Mixed brands are fine. Sell ONE Outfit or multiple outfits that can all be intermixed. Matching tops w/bottoms or 2-3 similar style tops or similar bottoms accepted–ie, 2 polo shirts, 2 dry fit shirts, 2 plaid shorts, 2 rompers. DO NOT MIX sizes -12M and 18M are NOT the same size. 6-12M and 12M are the same size.


Strict Limit on youth size 12 yrs+. Only 30 items per gender. Have more, email us

UNSORTED ITEMS include Books, DVDS, Stuffed Animals, Accessories (hats/belts/socks/tights/jewelry etc) will not be sorted post sale. You are welcome to gather yourself or allow them to be donated. 

Consignor 50% Off Presale NEW TIME Sat 9a-2p all star items 50% off

75% Off Charity Sale NEW TIME Sat  3-4p All items marked D for Donate 75% off-proceeds go to Friends of Jacksonville Animals  Consider marking some/all of your items to donate to benefit this great charity & clean out your closets!


  • HANG all clothing INCLUDING sleep sacks/swaddles. NO “bagged” clothing accepted.
  • NO groups of onesies or single onesies-must include bottom(s) & NO single/grouped leggings must include top(s) –UNLESS boutique brand.
  • NO infant footed sleepers 0-18M UNLESS better brands like Kissy Kissy, Ralph Lauren, Gap. Limited holiday specific onesies/sleepers accepted. (Price infant sizes lower)

Step 1: Register To Consign

Earn 60% less a $12 consignor fee

Step 2: Tag, Prepare & Price Your Items

Tagging Deadline

Fri Feb 3 11:59p

Click for Tagging & Prep guidelines

Price items 50-70% OFF retail. Email to request a clothing pricing guide

Click for  Tagging & Early Drop Options:

  • YouTAG you tag & drop off Earn 60%
  • WeeTAG bring your items to us – we tag & take it from there-earn up to 40%
  • WeeSTORE bring your large items early – you tag & we store- earn 60%

Step 3: Drop Off Items

Drop Off Dates

Feb 2-4

  • under 300 items: ONE appt time
  • 300+ items: MUST email us for drop & pick up times

Curbside Assistance

Need Special Assistance

Email for accommodations


Drop Off :

Before You Come
  • Hang all clothing items facing LEFT so hanger looks like question mark “?” 
  • Pull price tags outside of the item on all clothing or the cashiers will miss the tag
  • Bring clothing & shoes sized by gender
  • Bin/box/bag items by category -all books, all toys, all decor. all baby items together to assist in placement
  • Wipe items CLEAN, include batteries, secure small pieces well to items
  • Reprint tags on items from past sale ONLY IF you change price or choose to go half
  • Print & bring your tags for larger/heavier items to be attached to claim tickets at drop off
  • Be sure tags are placed correctly! Check: Tagging Tips 
When You Arrive
  • Please allow at least 30 minutes to drop off
  • Park & come inside FIRST to check in w/hostess
  • Feel free to use our rolling racks & carts as available but NOT OUTSIDE in parking lots only on sidewalks
  • Place clothing on inspection racks sized by gender & shoes on tables
  • Staple your large item price tags to our claim tickets then attach to your items
  • Assist with placing items on the floor after inspection
  • Please note: If you send your husband/friend be sure they’re prepared to put your items on the floor for you


Still Need Help?

  • We can be flexible! Email us if you need to schedule an appt outside these dates or you don’t see an available time during drop off days.

Step 4: Pick Up Items & Get Paid

Pick Up Times

Mon Feb 13

Morning: 9:30a-12:30p

CLOSED: 12:30-4p

Evening: 4-6p

Selling 300+ items-EMAIL for Pick Up Appt

Pick Up Reminders:

  • Schedule appointment (or come stand by DURING these hours ONLY-NOT before or after)
  • Can’t make pick up? Send a friend OR contact us by Sun Feb 12 noon
  • All unclaimed items remaining after 6p Feb 13 & all items marked DONATE– WILL BE donated
  • Checks are mailed within 2 weeks of close of sale-be sure your address is correct
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